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Spectacular achievement - unspectacular preparation

Dr. Robert Schuller once said, “Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation.”

With five weeks to go to Abbey Road - I am in the middle of some really unspectacular preparation - and a lot of it! My schedule includes 2 two-hour practice sessions a day. These practice sessions are where the rubber meets the road. This is where the songs start getting into my fingers, and I feel more comfortable. Each time I play, I notice a tiny bit more color and expression coming out in each piece.

I smile when I see the 6 Stages of Creativity, and they genuinely describe the process of composing songs for me. Thanks to the evil inner critic on my left shoulder, I vacillate between #3 and #5 on the list with five weeks left until I record.

Regardless of the mental games, my mission is to show up at Abbey Road Studios with the best version of myself and the songs that come from me. Time to run - I have to go and unspectacularly prepare!

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