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The River of Calm - Music to Soothe Your Soul™ is a grassroots effort and founded on the belief that music can heal, soothe and inspire others around the world. We have seen this time and time again, in 168 countries and counting. As our founder pianist Ed Bazel says: "music transcends language and touches our souls."

The artists who you hear on The River of Calm - Music to Soothe Your Soul™ are beautifully gifted and have the souls of a healer. You can hear it in their music – listen carefully – it’s in their melodies, their chords, and even the silence between their notes. Close your eyes, breathe it in, it’s good for your soul.

The world is a hyper-busy place with too many texts, emails, calls, chats, Instagrams, Shapchats, etc. It can be overwhelming – it has been for us. We applaud your effort to seek calm in your life – you are not alone. There are plenty of calming resources out there for you, including calm.comInsightTimer and many more. And if The River of Calm - Music to Soothe Your Soul™ can be a part of your inner calmness – we will be honored too.

Sharing The Full Story

Ed Bazel, an award-winning solo pianist and founder of The River of Calm online radio network, released The London Sessions: Reflections From Studio 2, a collection of 12 soothing, romantic melodies recorded in June 2022 in Abbey Road Studios’ famed Studio 2.

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