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Recording in
Studio 2

"I was beyond thrilled to record my recent CD at Abbey Road Studios, not just at Abbey Road Studios, but Studio 2 where the Beatles recorded, how cool is that?!

My experience with Abbey Road was beyond goosebump heaven. I remember walking up to the gates and thinking, WOW this is the place. I have been to a lot of cool places in my life, but this one was like, "Oh wow! This is where it happened!" "

- Ed Bazel


Award-winning pianist Ed Bazel presents a powerful yet poignant take on the classic Beatles hit. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios - Studio 2 - where The Beatles recorded it years ago.

The Road to Studio 2

You walk through the gates and up the stairs, those are the famous stairs where the Beatles sat on. So many people have traveled through there, walk in the front door, the front desk greets you, "Oh yes, studio 2 is down the hallway, to the right." "Of course, yes!" We go down the hallway, we go into Studio 2's control room, I am like OH GOSH there is the window overlooking the studio where the Beatles looked out...

This is so cool! The microphones, you should see the microphones!

Pink Floyd, Adelle, Ed Sheeran, all these people have been there. There is a door between the control room and the glass panel out to the studio, and it leads to a stairwell and once I opened that door... it was palpable, the feeling of opening that door, breathing in that smell. It smelled like a high school auditorium, perfect, just perfect, breathing in the vibrations of that room, it meant so much to me, walking down those stairs, thinking how many greats have walked down those stairs, and then, to look in this big huge studio and see this Steinway concert grand piano they set up for me in the exact footprint on that back left corner of the studio where the Beatles set up for their recordings. And I am like, "Oh my God this is Incredible!"

Once we started recording, we had numerous songs to record, everyone else on my team was up the stairs in the control room. The lights were low, it was just me and that Steinway Concert Grand, and I am playing my compositions, thinking "How did I get here? A guy from Huntington, West Virginia, now recording in the same area that the Beatles recorded!"

It was prolific, I can't stress that enough.

When this whole recording session was over, it was two days, ten hour sessions a day. I made sure, nobody was in the studio except me. I took my hands off the keys, I walked to the back wall, and I put my hands on the wall. My eyes started tearing up. It means that much to me, as a lifelong music professional, both as a player, as an agent meeting my favorite heros in the world. I am thanking heaven and my parents above, they're long gone, but I wore my dad's cufflinks, so that I could carry on and they would be a part of that.

Prolific is an understatement. Put it this way, of all the high points that were there, the lowest of the high points (no offense) next door there were a couple body guards outside of Studio 3 I thought, "Who's that?" 

It turns out Taylor Swift was recording next door. That pales in comparison to what I was feeling and doing and connecting, and frankly, this might sound very self involved, that's not who I am. I really felt, playing my songs and recording, I belong there, I felt, in life, this is where I belong. I am beyond thankful for having this opportunity.

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