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10 Feet From Legendary

I am back from my solo piano recording session at Abbey Road Studios in London. I am still processing the magnitude of this event.

I recorded in Abbey Road Studio 2 - where The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Adele, Ed Sheeran, and more legends have recorded.

Walking down the legendary stairs from the control room, I could sense the feeling inside Studio 2 was palpable. There is so much music history from so many landmark artists.

I spotted the beautiful Steinway D Concert Grand piano. My dancing partner for this event. I noticed the Abbey Road recording engineers rolled out the red carpet regarding microphone setup. I have never experienced so many strategically-placed microphones covering my session.

As we settled down to start recording, I found myself in the studio all alone. The rest of the crew were upstairs in the control room. It was just me inside that historic studio with this beautiful piano. I felt a profound feeling of being alone in those four iconic walls with my music. I had goosebumps and wondered how I ended up here.

From researching Studio 2, I learned The Beatles liked to record in the back left corner of the studio. You can see it behind the piano.

I love the movie "20 Feet From Stardom." It is a movie about backup singers living in a world that lies just beyond the spotlight.

Seated at the piano between takes, I looked to my left and felt I was "10 Feet from Legendary" by being 10 feet away from where The Beatles recorded. Check this out!

More to come!

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