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The Piano Dog Gets Album Credit

I am beyond excited about my new solo piano CD coming out on Friday, October 7th. This CD is special to me - I recorded this at Abbey Road Studios in London. Specifically, Studio 2, where The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Tony Bennett, Ed Sheeran, and more have recorded.

Although my name and face are on the CD, I did not do this alone. It takes a village to record and produce a CD - especially this one. I am standing on the shoulders of many great people who contributed to this project. They include:

Abbey Road Studios, Studio 2, London, United Kingdom

Recording Engineer: Gordon Davidson, Abbey Road Studios

Assistant Engineer: Joe Wyatt, Abbey Road Studios

String Recording Engineer: Paul Scholten

String Arrangements: Austin Hoke

Cello: Austin Hoke

Violin: Laura Epling

Percussion: Alex Carter

Executive Producer: Tim Shelton

Record Producer: Alex Carter

Mastering: Andrew Walter, Abbey Road Studios

Mixing: Curb Studios, Nashville TN

Location Manager: Vickie Shelton

Stylist: Cindy Blevins

Photography: Carsten Windhorst

Videographer: Paolo Benetazzo

Video Editor: Chuck Crews

Album Art: Karissa Love

Publicity: Beth Hilton, The B Company

As you can see, this is truly a team effort, and every one of them has played an essential part in bringing this body of music to life.

Lastly, there is one unsung hero - who has been with me from the start—from my hatching hundreds of song ideas, endlessly working on them, arranging them, practicing, and rehearsing them for months. She has supported me without a peep, is constantly by my side, and only requires dog treats. And that is my Golden Retriever Honey. If anyone deserves credit - it is her. This poor dog has listened to more piano music than any dog should be allowed. Therefore, we officially have added Honey to the album credits as:

Piano Dog: Honey

Check out my new solo piano CD, which releases on Friday, October 7th. Available on my website and all the usual providers (Amazon, Apple Music etc.) and The River of Calm - Music to Soothe Your Soul™!

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