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I Am In Pianist Magazine!

I can't believe I am in Pianist Magazine!

My piano exposure was a savvy move on my mother's part. When I was around six, my mother enrolled me in piano lessons with my older sister Patti. It gave my mom a full hour of complete freedom from kids. And so began 11 years of lessons. My ah-ha moment, that music was to be my path, happened in high school. I and some friends created a band (this is a whole other story) that went over very well. I was stunned by the screaming fans, standing ovations, etc. I had never experienced this before. I indeed witnessed the power of music, and it was powerful. I remember standing on that stage and thinking – this is it for me. This event blossomed into my full-blown passionate love affair with music. To this day, I thank my parents in heaven above for the absolute joy and my fearless ability to play the piano that I have.

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