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Hooray For Hollywood!

We won The Hollywood Independent Music Awards

So happy to have my song "Soaring" from The London Sessions: Reflections From Studio 2 - WIN The Hollywood Independent Music Awards "Best Instrumental" category!

I am standing on the shoulders of many who helped make this possible.

  • Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, Studio 2, London, United Kingdom

  • Recording Engineer: Gordon Davidson, Abbey Road Studios

  • Assistant Engineer: Joe Wyatt, Abbey Road Studios

  • String Recording Engineer: Paul Scholten

  • String Arrangements: Austin Hoke

  • Cello: Austin Hoke

  • Violin: Laura Epling

  • Percussion: Alex Carter

  • Executive Producer: Tim Shelton

  • Record Producer: Alex Carter

  • Mastering: Andrew Walter, Abbey Road Studios, London, United Kingdom

  • Mixing: Curb Studios, Nashville TN, USA

  • Location Manager: Vickie Shelton

  • Stylist: Cindy Blevins

  • Piano Dog: Honey

  • Photography: Carsten Windhorst

  • Videographer: Paolo Benetazzo

  • Video Editor: Chuck Crews

  • Album Art: Karissa Love

  • Publicity: Beth Hilton, The B Company

I am also thankful to each of you as well as my listeners.

Music transcends language and touches the soul."

Ed Bazel

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