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Honored With Two Nominations!

I was honored with two nominations for The London Sessions! The New Age Notes Radio Music Awards nominated me for:

- Best Piano Album with Instrumentals

- Best New Age Contemporary Instrumental Song for "In My Life."

To open my eyes and find myself in Studio 2 – the size of a basketball gym – in the back left corner where The Beatles would set up – where a tremendous amount of epic songs have been recorded by a hall of fame list of artists - with the lights low. There I was, all alone, just me, the nine-foot Steinway D concert grand, 13 microphones – and everyone else on the other side of the studio, upstairs in the control room, behind glass. It was just me alone. And to experience me playing my thoughtful, romantic, and haunting style, compared to all the award-winning rock songs that were recorded there. The fewer notes I played as a solo pianist, the more beautiful they became as they were launched into the studio air and the well-saturated walls of Studio 2. It was like watching each note, in slow motion, fly into the air and into the room's history. I can think of no higher honor.

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