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Here's to the unsung piano dog!

Make no mistake about it - there is a lot of piano playing going on at my place. My solo piano recording session at Abbey Road Studios in London is coming up in a few weeks. It has been non-stop. I compose, practice, or listen to test recordings seven days a week, at least two times a day. After all, this is an epic event to record in Abbey Road Studios - specifically Studio 2, where The Beatles recorded all of their hits. Did I say epic?

It's a good thing I live in a house and not a townhome or apartment. If I were sharing walls with a neighbor next door, this would not be good. As it is, my across-the-street neighbors can hear me practice from time to time.

My Yamaha C7 concert grand piano is a beast and is very loud. Of course, I could choose to practice on my electronic keyboard instead. However, learning from my past recording experience (Bella Piano CD), there is a lifetime of difference between the touch and feel of an electronic keyboard and an acoustic grand piano. It's all about touch and feel in this game. Especially when recording acoustic solo piano is like being put under a microscope for the world to see.

I want to give a shout-out to the unsung listener in the house. My 2-year-old Golden Retriever Honey has grown up here with piano music in the air. This poor pup has listened to hundreds and hundreds of thousands of notes, good and bad, and has not complained yet.

So here's to my piano dog, Honey - I will give her credit on the CD liner notes for her support and patience!

Gotta go - time to practice!

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