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Today's Going To Be A Good Day!

A good friend once told me that a spectacular performance is always preceded by unspectacular preparation. If that is true, I will be in good shape by the time I get to Abbey Road. I am right in the middle of the unsexy practicing hours a day.

Being on this side of the equation, I tell you that the preparation for my Abbey Road Studios recording session has been intense. Nobody is putting a gun to my head to do this - I do this willingly. It feels like a life mission.

With two 2.5 hour sessions a day, this is an effort. However, I am fortunate to have this opportunity. Every time I sit down on the piano bench, I say the song's words "Today's going to be a good day!"

I have traveled a long way from the pink upright piano in my sister's bedroom through ten thousand hours of playing on pianos around the world. And now, to the hallowed halls of Abbey Road Studio 2.

Game on - today's going to be a good day!

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