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Award Winning Pianist & Composer
The London Sessions Cd Album by Ed Bazel
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The London Sessions: Reflections From Studio 2

"My experience with Abbey Road was beyond goosebump heaven. I remember walking up to the gates and thinking, WOW this is the place. I have been to a lot of cool places in my life, but this one was like, "Oh wow! This is where it happened!" "

- Ed Bazel

Phil Swann

 Amazon Review

"Ed Bazel's newest release is brilliant blend of accessible, hummable, and endlessly ear-wormy melodies, while at the same time being a thoughtful and haunting exploration of love, joy, pain and longing."

  Kathy Parsons

"Ed's soulful arrangement of The Beatles' "Yesterday" also includes violin and cello. I hate to think of how many years it's been since I fell in love with this song, and I'm sure recording it in the same studio that The Beatles recorded it must have had a very strong emotional impact. All of that is captured in this lovely arrangement and brings this excellent album to a close. Where's the "repeat" button?"

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

New Age Music Reviews Founder

"Ed has painted a musical masterpiece that is both timeless and memorable.
- Moments to pause, reflect, and take stock of what to be grateful for can be the experience that will affect you and everyone around."

"beautiful piano music
with a soul-searching touch"


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